HealthWhat Are the Job Opportunities After the X-Ray Technician Course?

What Are the Job Opportunities After the X-Ray Technician Course?

As we all know these days the medical sector is one of the fastest growing sectors not only in India but across the world. By joining this sector you can embark your career and shape up your life.

An X-ray technician, also known as a radiologic technologist. He uses an X-ray machine to take high quality radiographic images of patients. They provide those medical images to doctors which helps them to assist in making diagnoses. Images from the X-ray machine can also help doctors choose a treatment plan for an injury or illness. The Images are very helpful to provide proper treatment and evaluate the success of the course in Diploma in the Radiology and Imaging Technology (DRIT) of treatment. 

Here we will discuss some of the job opportunities after completing your X-ray technician course.

Job Opportunities after an x-ray technician course:

  • Government Health service: After completing this course there are so many job opportunities in the government sector. Governments offer many jobs to freshers and  skilled workers. You can join the government sector after passing required eligibility criteria or exams conducted by government agencies. You can serve in any hospital, Institution etc. and secure your career and life.

  • Radiologic Technologist:  After completing your x-ray technician course you can be a radiologist and Radiologic technologists are well trained medical professionals. They are trained to operate imaging or radiation therapy equipment, contacting patients directly. They often specialise in certain areas of radiology and imaging machines, such as MRI or mammography, X-Ray, CT etc.

  • CT Technologist: One can become ct technologist and serve any hospital, Nursing homes and trauma centres also serve as assistant to any technologists. CT technologists take diagnostic images of a patient’s internal structures using computerised tomography equipment. CT technologists ensure that patients are correctly positioned and closely monitored during CT scans. They take high-resolution Images for better treatment and diagnosis of the patient.

  • MRI Technologist: One can also become an MRI technologist and serve in various hospitals, medical institutes or other medical centres. MRI technologists create high-quality images and position patients to capture clear images. Removing and then replacing IVs and catheters for the MRI process. MRI Technologists are well trained in handling the MRI equipment and positioning it to capture the correct images. Monitoring patients during scanning and maintaining patient’s records. Monitoring MRI equipment functions. Ensuring clear images for Physicians to provide accurate diagnoses. Recognizing abnormalities and irregularities in images.

  • Mammography Technologist: You can also become Mammographers who are highly trained to perform and review breast images of high quality with the least amount of radiation exposure. mammographers are subspecialized and only conduct breast exams for Treatment and diagnosis.

  • Fluoroscopy Technologist: Fluoroscopy Technologist are providers and use fluoroscopy for different parts of your body to diagnose several conditions, including Barium swallow (esophagogram), Barium enema, Angiography, Cystography Myelography, Hysterosalpingogram. You can also become a Fluoroscopy technologist after this course.

  • Radiation Therapist:Radiation therapists are specialised in the administration of radiation treatments for patients who have cancer or other diseases. They  provide therapy based on the orders of a Doctor or radiation oncologist. Radiation therapists take X-rays to determine the exact part of a patient’s body that needs radiation treatment and operate. They mainly provide treatment to cancer patients. You also can be a Radiation therapist after completing your X-Ray technician course and serve in any government or private cancer institutes or treatment centre.

  • Educator or Trainer: After completing your course you can also become an educator or trainer at any institute where you can share your knowledge to the candidate who is willing to be successful in the medical field or health sector. It is one of the rewarding career options and an opportunity to grow your communication skills. You could be inspiring and shaping the next generation of radiologic technologists.

Job profiles and Average annual salaries

Job Profile Average Annual salary
Government Health service 4.8 Lakh 
Radiologic Technologist 3 Lakh
CT Technologist 2.8 Lakh
MRI Technologist 3.2 Lakh
Mammography Technologist 2.2 Lakh
Fluoroscopy Technologist 6 Lakh
Radiation Therapist 3.6 Lakh
Educator or Trainer 3 Lakh

These are some of the job opportunities which are mentioned here, there are many other job opportunities you can choose as per your interest and shape your successful professional life. X-ray technician courses are done at many universities and the best paramedical college in Delhi . You can join this course and shape your life and achieve your career goals

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